Our Team

The CAIA Team

Our Staff and Instructors are internationally ranked and accredited.

We are a law enforcement friendly academy and all our instructors have up to date police clearance.

Noah Greenstone - Founder / Director

Noah Greenstone

Founder / Director

Absorb what is useful - forget what is not.

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Ron Amram - Founder / Director

Ron Amram

Founder / Director

It's hard to take photos while getting punched in the face.

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Michaella Mansilungan - Instructor

Michaella Mansilungan


Krav Maga, Women's Self Defence, Kickboxing

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Hylton Silver - Instructor

Hylton Silver


Krav Maga, BJJ, Kickboxing, Boxing

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Dave Congerton - Instructor

Dave Congerton


Personal Training

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Oli 'The Outlaw' Olsen - Instructor

Oli 'The Outlaw' Olsen


Kickboxing, Boxing, Personal Training

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Daryl 'Daz' Mokaraka - Instructor

Daryl 'Daz' Mokaraka


Kickboxing, Boxing, BJJ, FMA, Krav Maga

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Andrew Chan - INSTRUCTOR

Andrew Chan


Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Personal Training

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Shah Rezza Zaini - INSTRUCTOR

Shah Rezza Zaini


Kickboxing, Boxing, Krav Maga

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Scott Wilcox - Instructor

Scott Wilcox


Krav Maga

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