weapons training perthTraditional Japanese Jujutsu & Weapons: Stick, Knife, Sword, Naginata

Ancient Foundation | Modern Applications

We train several edged and non-edged systems including:

  • Kenjutsu - Japanese sword fighting;
  • Escrima - Filipino Knife and Stick Fighting;
  • Bojutsu - Japanese staff;
  • Iaijutsu - Japanese sword drawing;
  • Naginata - Japanese halberd or battleaxe;
  • Knife use and defence from several systems.

Mentally challenging and a total body workout, the dynamics and principles of our weapons systems can be applied to empty handed combat and modern self defence methods.

Each month we focus on a different weapons system.

What to bring

  • Gi, hakama, water bottle, towel, bo, bokuto.
  • Advanced: Training sword (All training weapons must be approved by the instructor)
  • Loaner training weapons are available during your intro course.

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