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Combat Arts Institute of Australia

A unique Martial Arts and Fitness training centre in Perth. From Kickboxing to Krav Maga, Japanese Jujutsu to BJJ, Sword, Stick, MMA, Boxing, Yoga and much more - all in one place with internationally accredited instructors in a family friendly environment.

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COVID-19 Switch to Online Learning

Dear CAIA Family and Community,

We have made the tough decision to switch to online learning and will be suspending face to face training for 2 weeks starting TODAY in order to reduce the risk of infection with COVID-19 in order to do the right thing and protect our members, staff, our families & friends.
The switch to Online Learning will be exciting and innovative, and will continue after we return to regular training so you will have access to all the latest that technology has to offer. There are several other dojos in Perth that are doing the same thing and we believe this is the best way to keep everyone safe and healthy during this transition period.
As a small business this is a tough decision - but the health and safety of YOU, our staff and all of our families & community is our top priority. If we do this now, hopefully we can slow the spread of the virus and everybody can go back to normal sooner rather than later.
Please make sure to join our Social Media Groups and keep in touch with Facebook and on our website and email as we will be releasing information about the cool new online platform shortly.
We will continue to be there for you and remaining positive as we transition to the new methods of training online to keep us all healthy and meeting our goals during this uncertain time. We look forward to seeing you online soon!
Updates will keep coming out and we are monitoring things as they change on an hourly basis. Your support is very much appreciated and will ensure we come back better and stronger than ever! If you have any enquiries please contact us on our admin email or ring us on 08 9389 9489.

- Noah, Ron & The CAIA Team

Winning the fight with COVID-19

To our awesome CAIA Family, 

As you know the situation regarding COVID 19 has been developing rapidly.  We care about you and your safety and are dedicated to supporting you.

We have a few important goals throughout this time:

  1. First and foremost, we want to make sure that YOU, our staff and the community are safe and secure.
  2. Martial arts and fitness training can be an excellent way to keep your immune system strong, so we would like to make sure that everyone is as healthy and fit as can be. 
  3. It is predicted, and we have seen this the world over, that small gyms and dojos have had to shut down when large groups of members suspend or cancel their memberships at once. 


Your health:

It’s important to remember that while most of our members and staff may not be in high risk groups, you all know people who are – parents, grandparents, relatives, people with pre-existing conditions, etc. With that in mind we will be cutting out classes that have high personal contact, and limiting contact everywhere else where possible. This means:

  • BJJ classes will be suspended until further notice
  • Japanese Jujutsu classes will be suspended until further notice, but Japanese weapons will run as normal
  • Krav Maga will focus on striking until further notice
  • Contact will be minimised in all classes as much as possible
  • Strict and effective cleaning & hygiene procedures have already been implemented and will continue


Ongoing training:

Reducing stress and staying fit is a crucial to a healthy immune system, which is more important now than ever. Just because certain classes are not running or are modified, or even if you must self-isolate, doesn’t mean life stops. You can still develop skill, keep fit and stay in touch with the community. We will be offering the following to help you keep your martial arts training regime on track, and your knowledge expanding. Keep an eye out for the following:

  • Online Classes using the Zoom platform that will keep you fit and still develop great technique, even if you can’t come to the Dojo or must self isolate
  • Regular discussion groups for different styles where we will analyse and discuss self defence theory and situations, watch and analyse BJJ and striking fights, etc. 
  • Members-only content 

We will unveil these over the coming weeks!

What Will Happen to CAIA if I cancel or suspend my membership?

Many of you may not know that both Ron and Noah run other businesses to make their living, with CAIA being a project of love for the community and martial arts, rather than our full-time income. We, as well as the instructor teach, sacrifice time, blood, sweat and tears because we truly love CAIA and the community that it has created.
As such, you should be aware that financial predictions for many small businesses amidst the COVID 19 pandemic - and fitness businesses in particular - are very bleak, with many gyms in the US and other countries already having to close down.

Simply put, if a lot of CAIA members (such as you) cancel or suspend membership at once, you may not have a CAIA to come back to when this all settles.

With that in mind we ask that even if you must self-isolate or classes change to a virtual format for a while, please consider sticking with us for the online training and not suspending or cancelling your membership. Even if CAIA must stop running classes at the dojo, we will be offering action packed online classes, discussion groups and member-only content to make sure that you are still healthy, happy and in touch with your community until the crisis is over. We are here for you! 

The funds we get from memberships do not go into our pockets, but are used for paying the bills that we will still have to pay regardless of whether classes run or not.

Lastly, we’d like to highlight that this will not only affect CAIA - it will affect most small businesses. Please try and support other business owners in the CAIA community so that we all get through this together. Like and share their facebook pages & websites. Recommend them to your friends and family. We will be doing our best to give CAIA business owners a platform to keep their businesses running as well – more on this soon. 

Martial Arts is all about strength of character and how we respond to - and recover from - adversity. This is a great time to unite as a community and support each other and those who are in need. If you can help (not just CAIA, but the community in general), what we all need right now is good people doing good things (while being careful, of course).

We look forward to getting through this together and appreciate your ongoing support.

Ron,  Noah and the CAIA Team 


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