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Situational Awareness and COVID 19, Part 2: Red Alert! Cooper's Colour Codes and Managing Stress

The Late, great, Col. Jeff Cooper developed a system of situational awareness which is known as Cooper’s Colour Codes.

The system is a very effective way of classifying how situationally-aware we are. It is also very useful in understanding how the adrenaline and our ability to focus are allocated in response to us being in different codes.

It is a very effective tool used often in self-defence to describe situational awareness, as well as when to switch from one code to another.

But on a societal level, the current COVID 19 pandemic is a fascinating analysis of how people are responding to crisis, and also explains clearly how our ability to make effective decisions is impaired at certain levels, especially if prolonged. Hopefully this article should provide you with some tips and tricks to help you sort through the flow of information and ration your focus and energy to those things that are both important and urgent.

Here we go.


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